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Above: William Hoag (b. 30 Oct 1774) and his wife, Eleanor (Earll) Hoag (b.1775; d. 1852)


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The Lewis F. & Marion E. (Hoag) Allen family, about 1942

Seated on the left is Jerome Bonaparte Armstrong Sr. 
Standing behind him is son Carl. The other man standing 
in the back is Jerome Jr. Seated on the far right is 
Jerome's wife Louisa Henrietta (Hoag). 
Seated in the center is daughter Louise.




These ladies are the Daughters of Thirza Hoag and Thomas Jefferson Eggleston

This picture shows  my great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (Libbie) Dunton, with her sister and several cousins.  From left to right the "girls" are Polly (referred to as Aunt Polly Folts in other pics), Mary Elizabeth Dunton (my great grandmother), Thirza (Snyder, McKimm, Delano), Mina (Sometimes called Mina Pickel and then Mina Smith. She lived with the family when they were in Kewaskum, but didn't move with Thomas to Clark County.  Later records suggest she married and settled in Iowa.) and Della (we think Reynolds - the Michigan connection)  She and her husband also lived for a while in Kewaskum.  Mary Elizabeth died in 1920.  I think the picture was probably taken in the early 1900's.  Place? - either Campbellsport, my dad's hometown near Kewaskum, or it could have been taken in Clark County perhaps in the town of Humbird which is where they seemed to congregate.  My grandmother and her mother often traveled there by train.  I like this picture.  It's full of pioneer spirit!